Frequently asked quetions

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Linux is an Open Source free to use Server and Desktop Operating System (OS) which is very popular in that it is used by 80% of Internet users right now. It is a great system for managing Desktop and laptop hardware. Thus without the Operating system, Software cannot function, so Linux takes care of the Communication between the Software and Hardware.
Choice in Linux OS depends on what your business needs to run successfully. With Linux, you have so many options in terms of configuration since there are different Distributions of Linux.
Linux is preferable to Windows because it is Free and open source. Additionally, it offers more flexibility and is very secure. For this reason, it cannot be easily hacked by attackers. It is also Faster and utilizes less resources.
We provide a top notch Linux Support service to individuals, small businesses and Large organizations. Our Technical team is just a call away. Therefore get in touch with us to get immediate support to your Server and Linux Problems.