Server and Website Migration

Server and Website Migration

Server Website Migration

Do you want to move your Server or Website from One server to another? Look no further for we offer Server and Website Migration Services which will be done by experienced Server Professionals to avoid data losses and to ensure that the configuration is done correctly in the new server.

The process of migrating Server Data and files from one server to another is a very delicate issue which must be taken seriously to prevent Data loss, and Migration Disaster. The Migration process should be one done with care so as not to interrupt normal operation of your business, Performance and Data availability.

We have an expert Server Data Migration team with a great experience working with Databases and Data over the years to migrate your servers and infrastructure with no data loss and reduced downtime. After the Migration process is completed, we would give you a detailed report on what has been done so far to keep you well informed.

We also Migrate Websites from one server to another including setting it up on the new server. This involves Database transfer, Files, and DNS Configuration.

Contact us at anytime of the day as we work all around the clock meaning that we do not go on break or holiday as our customers satisfaction is our duty.

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