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More about Google Cloud Storage Coldline

This article covers oogle Cloud Coldline Storage. In fact, Google Cloud Storage Coldline is a public cloud cold storage service that is specifically designed to store data that organizations access no more than once a year.

Main features of Google Cloud Storage classes includes:

  • Unlimited storage with no minimum object size.
  • Worldwide accessibility and worldwide storage locations.
  • Low latency (time to first byte typically tens of milliseconds).
  • High durability (99.999999999% annual durability).
  • Geo-redundancy if the data is stored in a multi-region or dual-region.
  • A uniform experience with Cloud Storage features, security, tools, and APIs.

Transit VPC Google cloud networks - All you need to know ?

This article covers an overview of Transit VPC Google cloud networks. In fact, transit connectivity is a solution where we can connect a network with multiple peered networks, it can act as a centralize transit hub through which we can route traffic to multiple VPCs together so it will save overall cost to set up multiple VPNs between networks.

VPC Network Peering is useful in these environments:

  • SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) ecosystems in Google Cloud. You can make services available privately across different VPC networks within and across organizations.
  • Organizations that have several network administrative domains that need to communicate using internal IP addresses.

Install Google Cloud SDK on Ubuntu 20.04 - Best Method ?

This article covers how to Install and Set Up Google Cloud SDK on Ubuntu 20.04. The Google Cloud SDK provides us with the ability to access the Google Cloud via the terminal. It is a development toolkit that comes with multiple commands that help in managing the resources within the Google Cloud environment. 

Configure Postfix on Plesk server on Google Cloud - Using SendGrid

This article covers how to configure Postfix on the Plesk server on Google Cloud.

Note: any customization made in Postfix configuration can be overwritten by Plesk update (for example, in case of bug fix, when configuration files are updated), Plesk upgrade or by mchk utility, which resets default mail server configuration.

Plesk update error on CentOS 7 GCP - How to fix it ?

This article covers steps to fix Plesk update error on centos 7 GCP. 

1. In CLI, run the below command:

$ plesk installer update

# run (micro) updates for plesk itself, this successfully updated my setup from #60 to #61

2. Also run the command:

plesk repair all -y

# tries to repair all errors found in the system

3. Finally, in GUI, execute:

Execute "Update All"

Passive FTP Mode on a Plesk Google Cloud Instance

This article covers how to configure Passive FTP Mode on a Plesk Google Cloud Instance. In fact, If your Plesk server only allows active FTP connections, customers may find it difficult or impossible to connect to the server via FTP. We recommend enabling passive FTP.

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