Easy fix to SQL error 5023

SQL error 5023 generally happens when the version of the TLS is not compatible or when there is a permission issue in the SQL Server.

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In this context, Ibmi Media will deal with the possible reasons why the SQL Error occurs and how best to fix SQL error 5023.

Possible factors behind SQL error 5023?

The SQL 5023 error is usually experienced during the process of a restart of Microsoft SQL Server and it can happen in SQL Server Agent as well. In other cases, when the version of the TLS is not compatible or when there is a permission issue, the server may fail to start properly and throw up errors such as;

Windows could not start SQL Server on Local Computer. For more information, review the System Event Log.
If this is a non-Microsoft service, contact the service vendor, and refer to service-specific error code 5023. 

When we looked into such cases, the most common reason was;

  • When the TLS version is not compatible with the SQL server.
  • When SSL 3.0 or TLS 1.0 has been disabled.
  • When a permission issue exists.

Method to fix the SQL error 5023?

To fix this error, one of the steps to take is to check if the TLS versions is compatible with the SQL server. Therefore, disabling the encryption feature may help to resolve this issue and thus allow the SQL to start properly.

The steps to be taken is outlined below;

1. To begin, click "Start", followed by "Configuration Tools" in the "Microsoft SQL Server program group".

2. Next, go to the "SQL Server Configuration Manager" section.

3. Once you expand the "SQL Server Configuration Manager", do a right click mouse action on the "protocols for SQL server" and then proceed to the "Properties".

4. The last step is to disable any applied encryption on the Certificate tab as well as the Flags tab.

After going through these processes, you can attempt to start up the SQL server again. You will see that it will start because you have successfully disabled the TLS versions which was not compatible.

In some other scenarios, the error can result from a permission concern with the user account. To resolve this, try to change into the Local system default account.

Use the following steps to accomplish this;

1. Navigate to the SQL Server configuration manager and select the SQL service.

2. Make a right click action and select Properties.

3. You can now select the default account in the Local System.

As soon as you you in tune with the Local account, try starting the SQL server and you will see that it will start successfully. What you have done so far was to fix the error by resolving the user account permission issues.

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From time to time, we do receive SQL related server bugs queries of which one of it was "SQL error 5023".

This SQL error is very catastrophic and it tends to disrupt the SQL server when it is trying to start up.

To fix SQL Server Error 1225:

1. Click WindowsKey + R and enter services. msc.

2. Once Services opens scroll down and locate service SQL Server.

3. Highlight the service and click START.

4. Wait for the service to start and retry to connect to your MSSQL instance.