Fix Cloudflare error 526 Invalid SSL certificate

Ibmi Media has seen our customers seeking our Server support Service in finding a solution to Error 526 Cloudflare error and other Cloudflare related issues occasionally.
In this context, We shall look into the common reasons why such Cloudflare errors happen and how to resolve it.

More about Cloudflare error 526

For Cloudflare to work correctly, it requires that two SSL/TLS certificates is configured properly. Your server has one of the Certificate while the other is for Cloudflare's server. The Cloudflare's one servers the browser when your website is accessed. In the other hand, your Server's Certificate serve helps to encrypt data and provides security of data exchanged between it and Cloudflare.

Also note that Cloudflare facilitates this protection of exchanged data between the Server and Cloudflare by means of the cloudflare's domain and Cloudflare when strict Full mode SSL is selected.
Therefore, when there is failure to establish a secure connection, an error 526 error will occur.

How can Cloudflare error 526 be resolved?

Selecting Full (strict) function in your Cloudflare account is mostly why you get the 526 error. To resolve this issue for the domain with which this error is affecting, simply select the "FULL" option instead and thus do away with the "FULL (strict)" one.

In the case where the above fix did not work, then it is probably an problem with your server's SSL certificate. You may want to check if it has expired.
If the certificate has expired, you can renew it and ensure that it is installed properly to enable this error to be fixed.

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In summary, you can see that 526 Cloudflare error is solely an issue with the SSL certificate not validating between your Server and Cloudflare's server. You can get in touch with us to fix your Server Issues.


When a server's SSL/TLS certificate cannot be validated by Cloudflare Service then an SSL issue known as "error 526" occurs.