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SNMP Trap Hardening in Nagios - How it Works ?

This article covers how to go about SNMP Trap Hardening in Nagios.

When using the vi editor:

1. To make changes press i on the keyboard first to enter insert mode

2. Press Esc to exit insert mode

3. When you have finished, save the changes in vi by typing :wq and press Enter


How to Send Test Trap ?

When working through this documentation you may want to test the changes by sending a test trap. The following KB article provides examples on how to send a test trap, which can be very helpful:

How To Send A SNMP Test Trap ?

When a test trap is received on the Nagios XI server it should be logged in the /var/log/snmptt/snmpttunknown.log file.

The default SNMP Trap configuration is stored in the /etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf file and contains just two lines:

disableAuthorization yes
traphandle default /usr/sbin/snmptthandler

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