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SolusVM: Cannot Allocate Memory Error – Best fix ?

This article covers the best way to tackle SolusVM: Cannot Allocate Memory Error. In fact, this error happens while booting KVM VPS in SolusVM. This error signifies that there is not enough free memory on the node.

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SolusVM error Unable to find ostemplate - Best Fixes ?

This article covers methods to resolve SolusVM errors for our customers. 

To fix Unable to find ostemplate error:

Simply Re-install OS

$ vzctl reinstall <CTID> --ostemplate <template_name>

where <CTID> should be replaced with actual VPS CT ID and <template_name> should be replaced with the template name without ".tar.gz" part.

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SolusVM 'No bootable device' error - Fix it Now ?

This article covers methods to fix SolusVM 'No bootable device' error for our customers.

To fix this error:

  • Log into SolusVM Master interface.
  • Open Virtual Server and remove created VPS.
  • Create a new VPS via SolusVM > Virtual Servers > Add Virtual Servers > KVM with HDD Space bigger than the size of the sum of the main partition and SWAP and SWAP bigger than the default value of the template - from the example above - HDD Space should be 22 GB and SWAP - 2000 MB.

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SolusVM html5 and vnc consoles not working - Fix it Now ?

This article covers how to fix "Server disconnected (code:1006)". Basically, this error happens as a result of misconfiguration in the noVNC feature or when SSL settings required for NoVNC to work are not configured.

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SolusVM slave connection error - Fix it Now ?

This article covers how to fix solusVM connection error. Basically, while accessing SolusVM Admin control panel users often receive different connection errors related to solusVM slave.

To fix Master SolusVM error:

1. Install repository:

$ yum install solusvm-release

2. shutdown lighttpd service:

$ service lighttpd stop
$ chkconfig lighttpd off

3. install nginx and legacy configuration file

$ yum install svmstack-nginx svmstack-nginx-legacy-slave-config

4. start new service

$ service svmstack-nginx restart
$ service svmstack-fpm restart

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Migrate solusvm to proxmox – easy steps to implement this task ?

This article covers how to Migrate solusvm to proxmox.

To Migrate KVM VM's from SolusVM to Promox:

  • Take LVM snapshot of currently running SolusVM KVM CentOS7 instance.
  • dd the snapshot and copy it to the Proxmox Hypverisor.
  • Create a new KVM on the Proxmox server with LVM disks the same size as the source.
  • dd the raw snapshot image to the LVM device ie vm-VMID-disk-0.
  • Boot the new VM with CentOS 7 rescue CD and fix device names, update initramfs, etc and reboot.

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