Install, configure and use Zulip Chat Application on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS - Step by Step guide ?

Zulip is an alternative software to slack which is open-source and free. It is a powerful chat and collaborative application software which includes features like group chats, drag and drops file uploads, private messaging missed message email, etc. This was developed by over 700 open source contributors from all over the world using Django, PostgreSQL, Javascript, and Python.

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In this context, we shall look into how to install, configure the zulip chat application on ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

How to Download the Latest Release of Zulip ?

You can find the latest release of zulip using the wget command in your system. If you haven't installed the wget command execute the following command to install it:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install wget openssl

Then, download the latest build from the official site:

$ wget https://www.zulip.org/dist/releases/zulip-server-latest.tar.gz

Once the download is completed, decompress it using the following command:

$ tar -xvzf zulip-server-latest.tar.gz

How to Run Zulip Setup Using Installation Script ?

Now, execute the following script with a valid email and hostname:

$ sudo -s ./zulip-server-*/scripts/setup/install --self-signed-cert --email=example@gmail.com --hostname=
  • Here, the email you provide will be used as an admin email. 
  • In the script, We are installing it locally so we will be providing our system IP as host if you have a valid domain you can use one. It will take some time for the complete setup.
  • Once setup is completed you will be given the URL where you can browse the zulip web interface at the end. You will view the "Create a new Zulip organization" interface.
  • Now, Enter the email you have provided during zulip setup installation and create the organization. You will be redirected to the Zulip organization registration page.
  • Here, Fill up the required field and click on signup then, you will redirect to the zulip dashboard page from where you can manage chat and many other things.

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This article covers how to easily install and configure the zulip chat application on your ubuntu Linux system. In fact, Zulip is a free and open-source chat application used for sharing private and public messages. It is a cross-platform software tool able to handle thousands of concurrent chat sessions. It can be integrated with GitHub, Jira, Stripe, Sentry, and more using third-party plugins.