Easiest method of restarting Webmin and Virtualmin

Webmin / Virtualmin control panel is a very great hosting control panel which is 100% free and have stood the test of time as one of the best Linux control panel ever!


Using Webmin is technical yet it is very easy to use if your know how it works.


It is recommended that after you do any modification or make changes of the settings and configurations in the control panel, you must perform a restart to enable the changes to take effect.


To do a restart of a Webmin/Virtualmin server via ssh, use the command below;


/etc/init.d/webmin restart  


You will see that the system will restart successfully.





Webmin is a great control panel. Therefore our Linux Server Experts do server management of Virtualmin control panel including Setup and configurations of Domains, SSL configuration and renewals.


This Tutorial will show you the easiest method of restarting a server based on a Webmin and Virtualmin control panel