How to solve CodeIgniter a PHP error was encountered

When the programmer uses poor coding structures for the development of a CodeIgniter website, a PHP error will be triggered.

As part of our Web Development Services, we do receive numerous amount of support request regarding solving Errors in our Customer's CodeIgniter's Web application.

In this context, we shall discuss the reason why this error happens and how best to get rid of it.

Why does CodeIgniter a PHP error was encountered occurs?

This bug could be triggered by various reasons which includes errors in the coding by the programmer using poor codes structures or issues with the database server.

When this error happens, you will see an error message which takes the format below;

A PHP Error was encountered
Severity: This specifies whether the issue is very severe or minor. It can take a form of a Notice or Warning.
Message: This shows more information about the nature of the error.
Filename: It tells you the name of the file causing the issue.
Line Number: This specifies the line to check for such error.

How we solved CodeIgniter a PHP error was encountered

To fix this error, you have to analyze and follow the error message to get a solution. In a recent experience with one of our client's application, we observed that a wrong SQL code was imputed in the SQL Query Box. Take a look at this sql pattern;

$query = $db->table->get['table_name'];

You will see that there is an error in the use of box brackets instead of round brackets.

To fix this issue, use the correct format below;

$query = $db->table->get('table_name');

In another case, a client kept getting the following error message;

A PHP Error was encountered
Severity: Notice
Message: Use of undefined constant user_array - assumed ‘web_array’
Filename: directory/filename.php
Line Number: 12

By mere observing the code, you will see the constant web_array is not in the correct variable form.

To fix this we simply put an "$" symbol as a prefix to get a defined constant ($web_array).

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Easy method to fix CodeIgniter a PHP error was encountered bug when the code used by the programmer is poor and contains bugs.