Solution to error sql72045

When dealing with a large backup BACPAC/DACPAC file from another server , en error sql72045 could be triggered during an import process in SQL Server Management Studio.

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More about error sql72045?

As earlier stated, this error occurs when trying to import a large BACPAC/DACPAC file generated from a backup in another server.
Some reasons why this error happen includes;

i. In the process of restoring database of a large BACPAC/DACPAC file.
ii. When the data types of column of a table in the database is being altered.
iii. Due the the Large size, it might exceed the allowed maximum size as per the Database Service tier.
iv. When database level authentication is used instead on the server level logins.

How to solve error sql72045

The logical database management entity which manages all the SQL Server objects such as Tables, Instance objects, Logins and views in connect with the concerned database is known as the data-tier application (DAC).

In the process of restoring a database from a large DACPAC/BACPAC file, the process might exceed the processing time and therefore results in a Timeout error. This will terminate the script processing.

A quick fix would be to use the sqlpackage.exe for the import processing. SqlPackage.exe is a command line tool which is capable of processing databases tasks such as import, export, extraction and publishing.

As stated earlier, Altering data types of column can make this error to be triggered. Therefore using a rename initiative in the pre and post deployment scripts with help to resolve this.

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How to fix error sql72045 as soon as possible.

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