The 8 Best and free Open-Source Shipping Software

This article covers the best and open-source shipping software that empowers, enhances, and controls the companies’ and organizations shipping processes from top to bottom with high efficiencies and accuracies resulting in building strong customer relations. It also helps and guides through in achieving higher engagements, greater conversions with the built-in powerful and intuitive features and tools. They include Shippo, OpenBoxes, PrestaShop, ShippingEasy, ShipStation, ShipRush, Openshipping and Trackhive respectively.

Install Okular on Linux Mint 20 - Step by step guide ?

This article covers how to install Okular on a Linux Mint 20 system. In fact, Okular is a universal document viewer with support for advanced document features, such as annotations, forms, and embedded files.

Install Rundeck on Ubuntu 20.04 - Step by step guide ?

This article covers how to install Rundeck on Ubuntu 20.04 for task automations in the system. In fact, Rundeck is a free open-source software for automation services. With Rundeck, you can create simple to complex tasks on either the local machine or on a remote server.

Install the Lighttpd Server on Linux Mint 20 - Step by step guide ?

This article covers how to install the Lighttpd server on a Linux Mint 20 system. In fact, Lighttpd is an open-source web server that focused on simplicity and high performance with small and low memory consumption but still remaining standard-compliance, security, and flexibility. 

How to Install Lighttpd on your Linux system ?

1. Update all available repositories, and install Lighttpd using the apt command below:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install lighttpd

2. Once all installation is completed, start the Lighttpd service and add it to the system boot:

$ systemctl start lighttpd
$ systemctl enable lighttpd

3. The Lighttpd service is up and running, check it using the following command:

$ systemctl status lighttpd

4. Next, add the HTTP, HTTPS, and SSH services to the ufw firewall:

$ sudo ufw allow ssh
$ sudo ufw allow http
$ sudo ufw allow https

5. Enable the ufw firewall service using the command:

$ sudo ufw enable

Type 'y' to enable the ufw firewall.

Install Playary on Linux Mint 20 - Step by step guide ?

This article covers how to install the Playary music and movie streaming application on Linux Mint 20. In fact, this application can act as a good alternative to YouTube therefore, after installing it on your system, you can conveniently enjoy your movie and music streaming experience.

lsblk Command in Linux - Explained with examples

This article covers how to use the lsblk command in Linux. In fact, lsblk prints all block devices (except RAM disks) in a  tree-like format  by  default.   Use  lsblk --help to get a list of all available columns.

The lsblk command in Linux lists block devices. 

Following is Lsblk's syntax:

$ lsblk [options] [device...]

Lsblk can be used to retrieve a vast range of information about all the block devices attached to the system.

How to make lsblk display info about device owner, group, and mode ?

This can be achieved using the -m command line option:

$ lsblk -m