WordPress error 'Another update currently in process' – Fix it Now ?

Are you facing WordPress error 'Another update currently in process' ?

We can help you.

Basically, WordPress error 'Another update currently in process' happens when you are performing WordPress core update.
Here, this error will trigger when an update is already going on and at the same time you are trying to initiate another process.
Usually, this error may disappear automatically after some time.

However, there are cases where the error pertains.
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What triggers WordPress error 'Another update currently in process' ?

During the core update process, WordPress automatically sets an update lock option in the database.
And this option prevents us from running simultaneous updates on our website.
Generally, this message is set to automatically disappear in 15 minutes or when the update process completes.
We will see how to fix this error when it doesn’t disappear automatically.

How to fix WordPress error 'Another update currently in process' ?

To resolve this error quickly, you need to delete the core_updater.lock option from the WordPress database.
This can be implemented by following 2 methods mentioned below.

1. Using a plugin to fix WordPress error 'Another update currently in process' ?

To begin, we need to install and activate the "Fix Another Update In Progress" plugin.
This can be done with the following steps:
i. Go to Plugins and add a new page inside the WordPress admin area.
ii. Then type the plugin name we are looking for.
iii. After that, pick the plugin and click the 'Install Now' button next to it.
iv. Once the download completes we can see an 'Activate' button, click that.

The next step is to configure the plugin settings.
These settings will vary for each plugin.
Upon activation, go to the Settings and take Fix Another Update In Progress page.
If updates on our website are locked, then we will see a message with a button to fix it.
Simply click on the 'Fix WordPress Update Lock' button to continue.
The plugin will delete the WordPress core update lock option from our database.
We will be able to see a success message as given below:

Fix Another Update In Progress
Success! You've successfully fix to another update in progress!
This is a quick fix to WordPress another update is already in progress.
There is no issue. Continue with your WordPress Update.

2. How to fix WordPress 'Another Update currently in process' error Manually ?

We will have to use phpMyAdmin to directly run a query in the WordPress database.

The steps to follow are given below:

1. First, go to the database section and click on the phpMyAdmin icon.
2. Next, we need to select our WordPress database in phpMyAdmin and click on the Browse button next to the WordPress options table (wp_options).
3.  After that we need to find the row with the option name 'core_updater.lock' and click on the delete button next to it.

PhpMyAdmin will now delete the row from our WordPress database.
And we can switch back to the WordPress website and proceed with updating the WordPress website.

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This article covers how to resolve WordPress error 'Another update currently in process'.
Basically, this issue usually occurs when a WordPress user, or multiple users, are simultaneously trying to perform a WordPress update while a WordPress core update is running.
During a core update, an additional row called core_updater.lock is placed within the wp_options table of the website’s database. It serves to prevent any other updates from being run while the core update is in progress.
After the WordPress core has been updated, the core_updater.lock row will be deleted, which will allow users to perform any other updates.
The error message will disappear then, or it will be gone automatically after 15 minutes.

To fix this WordPress error:

1. Log into the WordPress administration dashboard and select Plugins > Add New. Search for Fix Another Update, then install and activate the plugin.
2. Navigate to Settings > Fix Another Update In Progress and the database lock will be removed.
3. If you wish to remove the lock directly in the database, Select Databases > phpMyAdmin from the cPanel menu.
4. Select your WordPress database from the sidebar, then click the Browse button next to the wp_options database table (your database prefix may be different).
5. In the database rows that appear, look for an entry called ‘core_updater.lock’ and select the Delete button to remove. You can now proceed with your outstanding updates.