How to fix high CPU usage of Woocommerce on Wordpress

Most Woocommerce users experience issues such as high CPU usage on WordPress. To help stabilize CPU usage on WordPress, we can apply approaches such as resizing images and optimizing databases.

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In this context, we shall look how to optimize woocommerce CPU usage.

How to optimize Woocommerce high CPU usage?

The Server's overall performance is indicated by its CPU usage. Increased cpu usage will affect the performance of the website greatly.Therefore , it is very important to optimize the CPU to increase website speed and minimize the utilization of the CPU as per the recommended usage capability.

In Linux, "top" command is used to find high CPU utilization. when used, we will get an output such as this;

%Cpu(s): 15.4 us, 1.6 sy, 0.0 ni, 61.1 id, 0.4 wa, 0.0 hi, 0.1 si, 0.0 st

In here, we will have a look at cPanel.
cPanel has a special feature called cPanel Resource Usage statistics tool which helps to investigate the site's CPU usage, entry processes and memory usage.
To help stabilize CPU usage, take the measures briefly described below.

1. Resizing Image size for woocommerce to minimize CPU usage.

Images is a great way to convey a message to your customers and it is a very important aspect of your eCommerce WordPress website. Therefore, it is important to optimize its size by simply reducing the size of all the images.

2. Using Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN is used to improve the speed of the website by quick deliver of Internet contents. By this means, files transfer between a server and browser is processed as quickly as possible.
This is why using CDN servers to handle the delivery of files requests improves the server's CPU capability.

3. Using an up to date WordPress version

Keeping your WordPress that is up to date helps to improve the overall website performance. In addition it helps to remove known bugs and enhance the security of the site with updated patches.
Therefore , it is best to install the latest WordPress version update.
Note that the site must undergo a backup process before proceeding with the WordPress Upgrade process.

4. Inspecting the Plugins

Using an incorrect plugin version can affect the CPU in a very negative way. Therefore, ensure that you are using the latest version of the plugin to improve the server's CPU performance.

5. Database Optimization

Since WordPress websites depends on database, it is best to optimize it to improve the server's CPU usage.

You can use database optimization software such as mysqltuner.pl or tuning-primer.sh to enhance WordPress database performance.

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Methods to stabilize Woocommerce CPU usage such as optimizing images and effective management of databases.