Install Slack on Ubuntu 20.04 - Step by Step Process ?

Slack is the world's most commonly used collaboration platform which has been famous for bringing a common communication channel for many teams.
In Slack, all of the communications occur in a very organized manner.

The application itself has channels where different groups of people can coordinate and discuss their projects.
Slack users can easily set up audio or video calls and use this platform to share various documents, files, and images.
Here at LinuxAPT, as part of our Server Management Services, we regularly help our Customers to perform related Slack queries on Ubuntu Linux Systems.
In this context, we shall look into different ways to install Slack on Ubuntu 20.04.

How to install Slack application on Ubuntu ?

Here, you will learn different methods for the installation of Slack.

1. Installing Slack Using Slack DEB package

We will get the Slack DEB package from the official Slack website using this link.

Once you have installed the Slack package in your system, it will automatically configure the Slack repository.
Select the DEB package option to download it from the website.

A modal will open up.

Select the Save File option and then click on OK.
The next step is to install the package using apt:

$ sudo apt update

The system will prompt, provide the password in the available space and then hit the <enter> key from the keyboard.

The updates will then begin.
To access the downloaded .deb file we need to go to the Downloads directory or in the directory where the deb package is located:

$ cd Downloads

Once you are in the relevant directory, type the following command to install the slack deb package in your system:

$ sudo apt install ./slack-desktop-4.8.0-amd64.deb

The package will begin to install.

2. Installing Slack Using Snap package

Slack can be installed using the snap package. By default, the snap package is installed in a Ubuntu system and is used to get different applications.
In case if the snap package is not installed in your system, follow the steps given below:

$ sudo apt update && sudo apt install snapd

Provide the password, then press the <enter> key from the keyboard.

The installation will begin.
Now, let us run the following command to install Slack snap.
The Slack setup will begin to install.

3. Installing Slack Using the Ubuntu Software Center

If you are not a big fan of the command-line interface, then this method will be your preference since it involves the GUI of the system.
Go to the search bar and type Ubuntu Software in the search bar.
The Ubuntu Software option will appear on the screen. Select it.
The Ubuntu Software screen will open up. Search Slack in the search bar of the window. The highlighted application (Slack) will appear. Click on it.
You will see the Slack application along with the relevant details. Click on the available Install button.
The system will require your password to carry out the installation process.

Provide the Password in the relevant field.
The installation will begin.

How to access Slack application ?

Once Slack has been installed in your system, you can easily access the application using the search bar.

Type Slack in the search bar. You will see the installed application in the available options.
Click on it.

The application will open up.

To further explore this application, you need to sign in using your Slack account.

How to Uninstall Slack application from Ubuntu ?

To uninstall the Slack application, append the following command in the terminal window:

$ sudo apt-get remove slack

You might be prompted to Provide the password of the user.
Slack will be uninstalled successfully.

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This article covers the different methods of installation of Slack on the Ubuntu 20.04 system in detail.
Slack is a well-known and modern communication tool used to organize various communications in channels so that teams can work together and communicate when needed.

Slack Installation on Ubuntu using Snap package:
1. Install snapd package in your system. write the appended command, and then hit enter.

$ sudo apt install snapd

2. If the latest apt is not installed in your system then try using apt-get update && apt-get upgrade to get all of the available updates.
3. You can install the slack by using affixed command. You need to type this command on the terminal then press enter.

$ sudo snap install slack --classic