Best 5 Open-Source Digital Signage Software

Distributing pamphlets and brochures for marketing a product is cliché. However, it still suits some of the brands depending upon the geographic and demographical factors. As it is always directly linked with the target audience, whether it is considered as footfall or impressions on landing pages on a website. As they say “The more, the merrier”, it is true to cover all the mediums when it comes to product or service awareness. To reach the merrier, digital transformations in marketing must be adopted. Digital signage helps with this transformation. The digital transformation is an advancement that allows businessmen and organizations to display their desired content to various screens and platforms. Digital signboards installed across the cities allow various businesses to share their ads in the whole city with a mere few clicks. This drastically transforms the marketing trends. An optimal digital signage software is capable to cast advertisements across multiple screens of various types and sizes, is able to manage and schedule marketing content, and ease product placement. There are a number of digital signage software that automate this digital signage marketing process.

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In this context, we shall look into the digital signage software that is cross-platform compatible and are open-source. Such software enhances adaptability and adaptability.

Features of Digital Signage Software Tools:

  • Media Player: Digital Signage Software tools are used to cast, stream or project media formats on screens of all sizes and shapes. Videos and images are available in a range of formats these days and the digital signage software tools are capable enough to stream them in formats they are in. This saves time and enables seamless functioning.
  • Content Scheduling: Another convenient feature of Digital Signage Software tools is the scheduling of content and media. This saves a lot of time and resource for the business. This saves users from continuous updating and uploading of content and you can plan and schedule content according to your needs.
  • Content Management: A Digital Signage Software tool will categorize and manage your content according to your convenience and parameters. All modern software tools ensure the optimum utilization of resources. To achieve optimum utilization, you need to categorize and distribute content and task related to them accordingly. Digital Signage Software ensures these tasks are automated according to the parameters set by the user.
  • Device Management: When a task involves the use of multiple devices at one go, device management is essential. A Digital Signage Software tool manages devices in such a way that you get the most out of them even by utilizing the least amount of resources. A Digital Signage Software tool can manage an array of devices whether it is portable devices such as cell phones, tablets to large bulky displays such as LED screens and boards.
  • Product Placement: This feature is very vital for sales and service establishments. Digital Signage Software tools can very effectively place your products and services within sight of potential customers. Projection and promotion of your products is vital for sales businesses such as restaurants and stores. Menus and discount features are the most commonly promoted features in restaurants and stores. This helps in attracting more customers and even keeps the customers within the establishment have all the necessary information.

1. Xibo

Xibo is a market-leading and one of the most competitive digital signage software. Xibo is a cross-platform compatible solution that is also open-source, thereby allowing its users to configure it according to their preferences. The software comes under the AGPL license giving users complete freedom to adopt the platform.

The features incorporated in the tool are access controls and permissions, activity dashboard, advertising management, alerts and notifications, audit trail, auto-update, automated scheduling, campaign scheduling, content library, content management, content scheduling, customizable branding, customizable templates, data import and export capability, data security, digital menu boards, digital signage, drag and drop, event calendar, image library, interactive content, layout and design, media library, mobile access, reporting and statistics, scheduling, social media integration, template management, third party integrations, and the list goes on.

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2. Concerto

Concerto is another free, open-source, and cross-platform compatible solution. The software offers a number of capabilities and features allowing seamless digital signage. Concerto was developed by the efficient developers and scientists at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where the software is still being enhanced with more advanced features and add-ons.

The features included in the enhanced and advanced tool are an APT-based Linux system, content scheduling, multi-screen support, simple and fluid user interface, content scheduling, ability to cast multiple formats on various platforms, compact and easy-to-use digital signage platform, etc.

Get it now from https://github.com/concerto/concerto/releases/latest

3. Screenly OSE

Screenly is another market-leading efficient digital signage tool adopted by numerous organizations and businesses. Screenly is free, open-source, and cross-platform compatible. The software comes equipped with a list of enhanced features and capabilities enabling numerous businesses across the globe. The tool is efficient, cross-platform compatible, and open-source making it accessible for numerous people, businesses, and organizations worldwide.

The features incorporated in the tool mainly include a smart, efficient, and simple user interface, a customizable platform, ability to run on resin.io, support for various media formats and platforms, SD card support, adaptability, alerts and notifications, playlist management, remote access control, remote display management, auto-update, content library, content scheduling, data security, digital menu boards, image library, and the list goes on.

Get it now from https://github.com/screenly/screenly-ose/releases

4. Rise Vision

Rise Vision is widely adopted by numerous organizations and businesses across the globe owing to its free and open-source nature. The software offers many advanced features and capabilities. Rise Vision transforms the marketing strategies of a company by offering an advanced digital signage platform.

The features incorporated in the tool are HTML presentations, public APIs, multi-display support, very customizable, access controls and permissions, activity dashboard, alerts and escalation, alerts and notifications, auto-update, communication management, content management, content scheduling, customizable templates, data security, digital menu boards, digital signage, document storage, interactive content, layout and design, media library, multi-screen support, playlist management, real-time notifications, and the list goes on.

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5. Display Monkey

Display Monkey is a state-of-the-art digital signage software that offers market-leading digital signage capabilities. The software is developed by open-source software enthusiasts and is backed by an active community. The software is quite the latest amongst its competitors and so it offers the latest integration features, such as social media integration with YouTube.

The features included in the platform are mainly SQL reporting services, YouTube support, content scheduling, flexible layout, memo, flexible and enhanced user interface, location support, cache, CSS templates, integration with Power BI, etc.

Get it now from http://www.displaymonkey.org/dm/download/

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This article covers the market-leading digital software solutions that are transforming signage strategies. In fact, Digital signage is transforming the marketing strategies of many organizations and businesses across the globe. Product and service marketing techniques transform towards betterment each day and every company adopts the changing trends in an attempt to maximize sales, profits, and overall revenues. Digital signage helps in this regard. Transforming marketing for many businesses, digital signage software help enhance sales and transform the overall marketing strategies of a company which in return improves revenues. Here in this article, we have enlisted the market-leading digital software solutions that are transforming signage strategies.

These software solutions are Xibo, Concerto, Screenly OSE, Rise Vision, and Display Monkey.