Solve phpMyAdmin Timeout error 1440 session

A phpMyAdmin session error 1440 is commonly experienced among MariaDB users and this occurs when there is a long period of inactivity for more that 1440 seconds.

In this context, we will discuss why this issue is persistent and how to resolve it.

Why does phpMyAdmin 1440 Session Timeout error happen?

According to the security measure set in phpMyadmin, a timeout error generally occurs when the system sense inactivity for about 1440 Seconds.

This is to prevent any other person from accessing the database on the same computer in case the owner left the computer for some time.

How to increase Session Timeout Limit in phpMyAdmin

To remove phpMyAdmin 1440 Session Timeout error, you have to increase the timeout limit to a more longer duration but kindly note that this might not be good for security sake depending on your organization or situation.

You can decide to modify the cookie session time for the current session.

To do this, Log into your phpMyAdmin and navigate to the the "Settings" tab. From the Settings tab, click on "Features" and then go to "General". In the General window, you will see the "Login cookie validity" area where you can input any time you prefer.

In other cases, you can make a permanent change to the cookie session time.

To do this, Log into the server via ssh and Locate the "config.inc.php" file which is in the phpMyAdmin directory.
Next edit this file by adding the following attribute as stated below;

$cfg['LoginCookieValidity'] = <new_timeout_value>;

"new_timeout_value" represents your preferred Session timeout time.

Alternatively, you can locate the /setup/lib/index.lib.php file and add the following attribute;

$cf->getValue('LoginCookieValidity') > <new_timeout_value>;

Finally, the .htaccess file can also be used to increase the session time limit for phpMyAdmin. This is possible by adding the following attribute to this file;

php_value session.gc_maxlifetime <new_timeout_value>

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