Resolving Apache error 1066

Most webmasters experience web server error "Apache ERROR 1066: Unable to open iterator for alias" when there is a error in the Apache configuration file.

As part of our Server support Service, we have helped numerous customers to fix Apache related errors.

In this context, we shall look into why this error happens and how best to fix it.

What triggers apache error 1066 and how to fix it?

From our experience with finding solution to this apache issue, we have seen that it is most caused by the following factors;

i. When the path specified in the apache configuration is not correct.
To fix this error in this case, ensure that the correct path is used in the apache config file.

ii.This error could come up when there is an error in the lines of code before the alias line.

By following the process below, the error can be fixed;

1. To begin, ensure that you run the code before the first line of the alias.
2. Then check the config file carefully for errors.
3. In the case where there is an error, get to the root of it and after solving, go to the first step in this process.
4. Where there is not error, inspect the alias line for incorrect fields.

iii.Using a Pig Version from 0.12 have resulted in triggering this error.

This is the case when some vital lines is ignored in the Pig data file or in cases where the lines as mistaken for name of column. Using a recent version of pig would sort the error out as the permissiveness behavior is removed.
It is best to upgrade Pig to version 0.13.0. Additionally update the Hadoop version in Apache to version 2.3.0.

Do you need support in solving Apache errors? Our Server Experts are here to attend to your case now.


Solving Apache error 1066 issues by fixing errors in the web server configuration file.

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