Solution to apache Error 408

When a client sends a request to an Apache web server, sometimes this request will not be honored due to response timeout exceeded.

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In this context, we shall describe the nature of the error and how to fix it.

More about Apache Error 408

As earlier stated, a web server responds to a client's request and therefore displays the website content on the web browser. In some cases if the time it takes to respond is exceeded without completing the request to the web server, an error will occur.

When you see on your web browser "404 Request Time-out" know that this has to do with the response from the Apache web server not successful!

How to get rid of Apache Error 408

We can apply different approaches in getting a solution to this problem by troubleshooting both the client side as well as the server side.

i. Troubleshooting the Client-Side

To troubleshoot the Client Side, you have to look into different areas. We shall list a few below;
a. URL check: This involves testing the URL for errors.
b. Degrading to a previous version of your website version if the upgraded newer version is causing issues such as in WordPress CMS, themes, plugins and so on.
c. Refreshing the web page: There might be caching issues in the client side such as in web browsers. So refreshing the page could be the fix that you need to apply.
d. Internet connection Issues: Your internet connection might just be the cause of the issue. So ensure that your are connect and can access the internet via your web browser.

ii. Troubleshooting the Server-Side

You can do the following to troubleshoot the Server Side;
a. Web Server Configuration Inspection: This means that you have to check the Apache web server configuration file to see if the Timeout value is low. To fix this simply increase the KeepAliveTimeout or RequestReadTimeout. After making such changes, restart the Apache web server to enable the changes to take effect.
b. Observe logs file: It is very important to check the Apache log file for more information about why the error occurred. This will tell you what needs to be fixed.

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Best method to fix Apache Error 408.