How to modify Redis configuration on Ubuntu

By means of Redis command line, changes in Redis Server configuration can be easily implemented. In summary Redis is an in-Memory data store capable of storing data.

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Installing docker compose on ubuntu 18.04

Missing cUrl and pip packages on Linux Server can trigger Docker Compose installation failures. This guide will show you how to install docker-compose on Ubuntu without any installation issues.

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Sharing data between Docker Container and Host

The complete guide on how to setup Docker volumes  and how  to share data between a Docker container and a host system.

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Solving HTTP 410 response status code error

Accessing an asset that no longer exists on a requested server will trigger an http status code of 410.

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A fix to Windows Socket Error 10060

Windows Socket error 10060 is a connection error experienced while using proxy and when the connection cannot  process with the expected time.

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How to Audit failed logins in sql server

To analyze events which happened in an SQL Server,  Auditing failed logins is very important.

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