how to solve cURL error 60 SSL certificate problem

How to fix cURL error 60 ssl certificate problem which occurs when cURL cannot find any valid certificate to communicate securely over https.

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Solve SQL error 15174

Here is a complete guide to fix Microsoft SQL error 15174 by following 3 steps. This error is seen while trying to drop a Login in SQL.

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How to install and set up ProFTPD on Ubuntu

The whole process of Installing ProFTPD on Ubuntu and setting up its environment.

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solve Plesk Error Failed to retrieve directory listing

Plesk Failed to retrieve directory listing error is usually trigerred when ProFTPd passive mode is not configured on the server.  We found a solution for you.

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Process to set up Site to Site VPN with pfSense

The process of Setting up pfsense VPN Using IPsec to configure a site to site VPN working between two firewalls.

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