User is not in the sudoers file

Basically, when the wrong permission is assigned to the sudoers file, the error "user is not in the sudoers file" is usually triggered.

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Install Drush on Ubuntu

This article will put your through the complete steps you need to take to install Drush on your Ubuntu Machine.

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Solution to PowerShell is not digitally signed error

This article will put you through the steps to fix "PowerShell is not digitally signed" security error which can be triggered when PowerShell Execution Policy is set to AllSigned or RemoteSigned.

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Centralizing logs on Ubuntu with Journald

This article will help you to configure centralization of logs with Journald on Ubuntu for both the Server and Client system.

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Running multiple versions of PHP on Apache PHP-FPM

This article will guide you through the steps you need to take to run multiple PHP versions on Apache PHP-FPM. We implemented this on Ubuntu 20.04 server handling two websites with two different PHP versions (PHP 7.2 and 7.3).

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