Measure storage performance and IOPS on windows

This article will guide you on the steps to measure storage performance and #IOPS on a #Windows server.

To calculate the IOPS range, use this formula: Average IOPS: Divide 1 by the sum of the average latency in ms and the average seek time in ms (1 / (average latency in ms + average seek time in ms).
IOPS calculations;
1. Rotational speed (aka spindle speed). 
2. Average latency.
3. Average seek time.

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The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed in Windows

This article will guide you on the methods to fix #Windows error "The trust relationship between this #workstation and the primary #domain failed" message which occurs when the session login is attempted through #RDP Remote Desktop Protocol, #ICA, or directly at the console. 

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Install Prometheus Network Monitoring Server on CentOS 7

#Prometheus collects metrics from targets by scraping 3metrics #HTTP endpoints. Since Prometheus exposes #data in the same manner about itself, it can also scrape and monitor its own health. 

This article will guide you on the steps to perform #installation of Prometheus on #CentOS 7 along with the method used for the #setup.

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Types of SQL server backups

This article will guide you on the different types of SQL Server backups and how to use them to run #SQL Server #backups to safeguard our #databases from user #errors, media failure, #hardware failure, and so on.

A full database backup backs up the whole database. This includes part of the #transaction #log so that the full database can be recovered after a full database backup is restored.

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Monitor MongoDB Performance

This article will guide you on some useful monitoring utilities and #database commands for #reporting #statistics about the state of a running #MongoDB instance.

The motivation of the MongoDB language is to implement a data store that provides high performance, high availability, and automatic #scaling. MongoDB is extremely simple to install and implement. MongoDB uses JSON or BSON documents to #store #data.

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