Category: Linux

Using chroot to set up SFTP Server

This article will show you how to implement chroot Jail on a Linux system so as to restrict access to the the files outside the designated directory directory or tree.

How to install and configure cacti on Linux

Steps to install and configure Cacti which is network monitoring tool which displays server efficiency information in form of a personalized graph.

Neo4j installation on Ubuntu

See the steps to install and configure Neo4j on Ubuntu.

Skyline installation on CentOS 7

The right steps to install Skyline and Redis databases.

Different methods to Upload files using command line

How to use different methods such as Rsync, Scp, and  SFTP to upload files to the server.

How to tackle curl 78 RETR response 550

cURL 78 error is usually triggered when the requested file is not available or the resource referenced in the URL does not exist.