Category: Server Support

How to install and configure Icinga2 on Ubuntu

Icinga 2  helps in the monitoring of core resources on a server thereby serving as a resort of comfort for webmasters and website owners from panic and fear of unnoticed critical service changes within the server environment.

How to fix OCSP SSL Certificate Stapling error

OCSP SSL Stapling error is usually triggered when accessing a website using https:// SSL protocol.

How to install Git on Ubuntu 18.04

Different ways to install Git which enables tracking the changes in source code as well as to track changes made in files.

How to fix 550 5.7.1 authentication required Email client error

Most Email client users get SMTP error such as "550 5.7.1 authentication required" when there is an issue or errors in the email configuration information.

How to install and configure Fail2ban on Ubuntu 16.04

Improving Server security by installing Fail2ban on your server to help protect all kinds of services such as sshd, httpd from brute force attacks.

Rclone installation process

Rclone is an open-source command line tool which helps to sync files to cloud storage which is makes data migration between storage spaces easy.