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304 not modified error Steps to fix it

An #HTTP 304 not modified status #code means that the website you're requesting hasn't been updated since the last time you accessed it.

Basically, your browser will save (or cache) web #pages so it doesn't have to repeatedly download the same information. This is an attempt to speed up page delivery. However, if this happens to your site, #visitors could be prevented from accessing your #web pages.

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24 7 365 hosting tech support

Whether you need technical support at any time of the day, With Ibmi Media, we give support remotely to our Customers. Also, we offer technical support, cloud computing, and website development and hosting support.

Our support team is available to assist you 24/7/365 with any hosting or WordPress problem. Get world-class support when you need it.

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Solving HTTP 410 response status code error

Accessing an asset that no longer exists on a requested server will trigger an http status code of 410.

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Process to set up Site to Site VPN with pfSense

The process of Setting up pfsense VPN Using IPsec to configure a site to site VPN working between two firewalls.

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