Skyline installation on CentOS 7

The right steps to install Skyline and Redis databases.

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Neo4j installation on Ubuntu

See the steps to install and configure Neo4j on Ubuntu.

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How to fix OCSP SSL Certificate Stapling error

OCSP SSL Stapling error is usually triggered when accessing a website using https:// SSL protocol.

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How to install and configure Icinga2 on Ubuntu

Icinga 2  helps in the monitoring of core resources on a server thereby serving as a resort of comfort for webmasters and website owners from panic and fear of unnoticed critical service changes within the server environment.

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How to enable SSH access on DirectAdmin

This article will help you know the best method to enable ssh access for a user in DirectAdmin control panel and also fix common issues encountered while creating a user to use with SSH.

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How to fix CHKDSK stuck when scanning and repairing a drive on Windows

Methods to fix CHKDSK stuck issue which occurs when the hard drive file system is corrupted or in cases when there are bad sectors and fragment files on the disk.

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