Resolve strace command not found error in Linux

A while ago, we experienced an error "strace command not found". Our Server Support Experts fixed it.

The strace command not found error usually occurs in the process of Troubleshooting in Linux. This signifies that strace tool is not installed on the server.
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In this context, we shall look into why this error comes up and how best to fix it.

What triggers strace error?

strace is a tool in Linux used for debugging and troubleshooting activities. Its serves as a gateway for knowing the status of a program in relation to the Operating system. It is great in monitoring system calls and processes in the Kernel of a Linux Server.

How to solve strace command not found

Basically, this error is triggered when using the strace command in the ssh command prompt. It tells that the "strace " utility is not installed on the server.

To fix this issue, strace tool needs to be installed.

To get the strace command working, you first run the command below to see if the strace rpm package is available;

rpm -qa | grep strace

In most cases, you will get an empty response meaning that it is not available.

In CentOS, you can  install strace via the command below;

yum install strace

In this case, you will be asked to input y to proceed in order to complete the installation of stace.

In Debian or Ubuntu, stace can be installed via the command below;

sudo apt install strace

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An easy method to solving strace command not found in CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu Linux Distribution

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