Solve SQL Error 3101

Are you facing "SQL error 3101" while a database restore process is going on? Don't worry, here is the solution. Read on...

The SQL error 3101 is noticeable when you are trying to access the database during a restore process.

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In this context, we shall deal with this error.

More about SQL error 3101

As earlier stated, you will see this error when a database restoration process is going on and in the process of interrupting it. It occurs due to different reasons;

i. When you are trying to run a query to execute a task at the same time as when the database restore process is going on.
ii. When the database is being occupied by another application.
iii. When an existing user is also logged into the same database you are trying to restore.
iv. When the Database you are restoring is same as the one used for login.

Easy fix to SQL error 3101

From mere observation for the above factors responsible for this error, it is quite easy to get rid of it. You can follow the advice below;

1. Ensure that the database your are trying to restore is not being interrupted by any script execution processes. If possible, we recommend that you kill such process before trying to do the restoration process of the database.
2. Alternatively you can drop the database via the command below;


Drop database name_of_database

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Steps taken to solve SQL Error 3101.