Managing Hypervisor with OnApp

Are you trying to use OnApp to manage Hypervisor? 

This guide is for you.

Trying to get servers with high uptime, application isolation, robust disaster recovery?

Then virtualization is the best solution you can have.

Hypervisors are used to provide an abstraction layer to separate the virtual machines from the system hardware.

This allows you to install a virtual machine with any operating system without having to worry about getting the right device drivers for the hardware platform.

Here at Ibmi Media, In this context, you shall learn how the OnApp cloud manages different hypervisors.

More about Hypervisors and OnApp Cloud ?

To begin, it's important to know, what is virtualization.

Virtualization is the technology that allows creating multiple virtual servers. But these servers use the hardware of a single physical server.

Where a hypervisor is a hardware virtualization technique. That is, it is a platform for creating and running Virtual Servers(VS).

On the other hand,  OnApp is one of the popular software. It provides a complete cloud management platform. That is to build, operate and provide this service to customers.

This software is popular among Service Providers. Because it is easy to manage the existing infrastructure via the GUI.

The OnApp Cloud handles a lot of tasks. 

And a few among the list include cloud deployment, VS deployment, VS management and resource allocation, hypervisor, and so on.

How to use OnApp to manage Hypervisor ?

So far, we had a brief description of hypervisors and OnApp software. As we all know a cloud contains a lot of VSs. And managing each of them is equally important.

For providing hardware resources for these servers we have hypervisors.

This ensures the efficient use of resources. At the same time provide proper isolation to VSs.

The OnApp Cloud helps in managing multiple hypervisors individually. Actually, hypervisors provide system resources to VS.

This includes CPU, memory, and network.

Each hypervisor has both basic and advanced tools. The basic tool provides editing, viewing, and rebooting hypervisors. Whereas, the advanced tool allows us to customize features of hypervisor zones.

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This article will guide you on OnApp which is a complete cloud management software. Basically, OnApp is one of the popular #software for managing hypervisors.

Hypervisors support the creation and management of virtual machines (#VMs) by abstracting a computer's software from its hardware. 

OnApp is a complete Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution for cloud providers, #CDN providers, telcos, carriers, MSPs and enterprises. 

With #OnApp, you can manage all of your #IT through a single pane of glass: orchestration, management, scaling, backups, DR, RBAC, governance, metering, chargeback and provisioning – for VMs, containers, apps and bare metal – across multiple sites, in one UI.

Hypervisors make virtualization possible by translating requests between the physical and virtual resources.

OnApp can simplify infrastructure management, automate your datacenter, maximize your investments in hardware, and deliver intuitive, secure cloud services to customers, partners and employees.

1. Easy to deploy: OnApp includes a complete suite of cloud orchestration, management and provisioning tools, fully integrated into one platform. 

2. Easy to use: OnApp includes a fully customizable, selfservice control panel that streamlines workload management, and uses intuitive wizards and GUI controls to make cloud management and provisioning as simple and efficient as possible. 

3. Highly scalable: OnApp clouds feature autoscaling as standard, enabling individual servers to scale vertically and horizontally based on configurable thresholds. 

4. Highly available: OnApp clouds are secure, self-healing and extremely resilient, with multiple backup schema, automatic hypervisor failover, High Availability support, and disaster recovery options for real-time remote replication and restore.