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Best 8 Open-Source Web Hosting Software

This article covers the best Open-source website hosting platforms that help you to seamlessly manage your websites, servers, and usage requirements. In fact, Web hosting is the necessity of the website. Without web hosting services, the website cannot go live on the internet. Web hosting service providers leverage the tools & techniques required by the companies and individuals to make their website accessible through the internet. These includes Ajenti, Sentora, ISPConfig, Univention Corporate Server, and TinyCo.

Best 8 Open-Source Business Process Management Software

This article covers the market-leading and the utmost market competitive Business Process Management software which includes jBPM, Bitrix24, Modelio, Alfresco, Bonitasoft, Bizagi, Pipefy, and Appian respectively. In fact, Business Process Management divides the tasks into smaller units called processes. The process can be anything from a strategic roadmap to a logical set of instructions that leads to the goal. The execution of all interrelated processes in proper sequence completes a given task.

Best 6 Open-Source Marketing Automation Software

This article covers the best, powerful and competitive marketing automation software. In fact, these Open-source Software enables and helps the procedure of selling by focusing on defining your audience, segmenting them under various preferences, monitoring and tracking results, and evaluating marketing campaigns.

They include MailChimp, OpenEMM, SalesAutoPilot, Drip, InTouchCRM, and SharpSpring. 

Best 6 Open-Source Application Development Software

This article covers the best Open-source leading and competitive software application development environments. In fact, App development software is the real game-changers nowadays for either small or large-scaled businesses, across the globe. Businesses need to keep themselves updated with the fast-paced tech industries and their offerings in terms of result-oriented services that come by with advanced and powerful features for the betterment and future prospects of the companies. 

They include Buildfire, Apache Cordova, Framework7, NativeScript, Flutter, Jasonette. 

Best 8 Open-Source E-commerce Software

This article covers the market-leading and most competitive eCommerce platforms. In fact, Startups and small budget business can think of having their online presence by taking complete advantage of the free and open source eCommerce software solutions. These includes WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop Zen Cart, Magento, Drupal Commerce, Spree, and Virtue Mart.

Best 5 Open-Source Digital Signage Software

This article covers the market-leading digital software solutions that are transforming signage strategies. In fact, Digital signage is transforming the marketing strategies of many organizations and businesses across the globe. Product and service marketing techniques transform towards betterment each day and every company adopts the changing trends in an attempt to maximize sales, profits, and overall revenues. Digital signage helps in this regard. Transforming marketing for many businesses, digital signage software help enhance sales and transform the overall marketing strategies of a company which in return improves revenues. Here in this article, we have enlisted the market-leading digital software solutions that are transforming signage strategies.

These software solutions are Xibo, Concerto, Screenly OSE, Rise Vision, and Display Monkey.