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Best 7 Free and Open-Source Remote Work Software

This article covers the best, free, and open-source remote work software that empowers remote users to work efficiently and takes decisions timely. In fact, It has helped companies reduce costs, save time, and increase productivity. Choosing the right tools and software boosts the overall productivity of companies, ensuring higher revenue and exponential growth. These includes teamwork, Slack, Element, Jitsi, mattermost, Rocket.chat, and Hubstaff respectively.

A remote work software assists organizations in managing the five essentials of remote work: 

  • Online connectivity.
  • Data security.
  • Communication.
  • Screen sharing and  collaboration.
  • Project management.

Best 6 Free and Open-Source SEO Software Solutions

This article covers the best, open-source and competitive SEO solution software. In fact, they enable and help businesses by focusing on demand and content that enhances and increase web traffic while gauging the audience’s interests, segmenting them under various preferences, monitoring and tracking results, and evaluating marketing campaigns. These Software includes SEMRUSH, Raven Tools, MOZ, BrightEdge, SimilarWeb, and Screaming Frog. 

Best 4 Free and Open-Source Presentation Software

This article covers the best free and open-source presentation software with market competitive features and capabilities to take the businesses and brands to the next level. In fact, these software has enabled and assisted businesses and organizations in multiple ways to engage the maximum audience and higher conversions resulting in generating higher sales and profits. 

They include Apache OpenOffice, Calligra Stage, LibreOffice, and WPS respectively. 

Benefits of presentation software includes:

  • The best presentation tool allows you to visually present the information with ease, which helps the audience to understand the topic better.
  • You can embed the slides with relevant videos, images, GIFs, texts, audio files, and animation links. 
  • The free presentation software is incredibly simple, allowing you to create slides within the shortest possible time.
  • You get access to an extensive and rich library of customized layouts, templates, and background themes. 
  • Edit your presentations at your will even when you are offline from anywhere and using any device. 
  • You can summarize your topic and facts in the best possible manner.  
  • Presentation software proves an excellent option when you have to showcase a project's progress report through graphical charts and diagrams. 
  • You can choose your preferred style while giving a presentation. 
  • You can easily communicate with the audience by maintaining constant eye contact. 

Best 8 Open-Source Video Making Software

This article covers the best open-source video-making software that assists companies to build their brand, higher engagements, greater conversions, and a strong customer relation with the help of artistic video content. In fact, Choosing the right tools and techniques saves time, boosts productivity, and cuts costs for companies. They include OBS Studio, ShotCut, Pitivi, Moovly, OpenShot, wave.video, Kdenlive, and Flowblade respectively.

Best 5 Open-Source Social Media Management Software

This article covers the best open-source social media management software that empowers companies, and organizations to build their brand with higher engagements, greater conversions, and stronger customer relationships with the help of social media management software. In fact, Choosing the right tools and techniques saves time, boosts productivity, and cuts costs for companies. These includes HootSuite, Social Oomph, Zoho Social, Sprout Social, and Buffer respectively.

Best 8 Open-Source Applicant Tracking Software

This article covers the best and free open-source applicant tracking software that helps the companies to build applicant's pipelines, along with reducing the hiring and administrative costs incurred during the process. In fact, Choosing the right candidate is always a crucial matter for any company or organization for its success. 

They include iKrut, HireList, YouCruit, SmartRecruiters, TalentRecruit, HRMantra, Zoho Recruit, and Ejobsitesoftware respectively.