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Best 5 Open-Source LMS Software

This article covers the best LMS software that is free, open-source, and cross-platform compatible. The top five here discussed LMS is Moodle, forma.lms, ILIAS, Opigno, and Sakai. All the discussed LMS software offers an intuitive and flexible platform for students and the corporate sector personnel alike. Anyone across the globe can benefit from the seamless eLearning experience via the discussed platforms as they ensure quality content and seamless course management and top-class user experience.

Best 8 Open-Source Business Intelligence Software

This article covers the best open-source BI tools that are widely adopted. These tools are Jaspersoft, BIRT, Zoho Reports, KNIME, and SpagoBI. All the discussed tools are open-source and offer an intuitive interface for getting an insight into originations past performances and thereby make future decisions accordingly. Furthermore, being open-source, all the tools offer a platform for extending the capabilities and adapting the tool or analyses as per organizational demands and requirements.

Best 8 Free 3D Modelling Software

This article covers the leading 3D modelling software solutions. The top 8 listed tools in the article are SculptGL, Wings 3D, Blender, Tinkercad, Vectary, SketchUp Free, Leopoly, and BlocksCAD. All the discussed tools offer seamless product designing, modelling and architecting capabilities on any leading platform and browser, all free of charge. Though, only a few of the discussed offer open-source platforms, specifically, SculptGL, Wings 3D, and Blender. Still, the other platforms too provide and ensure an optimal user experience and integrated support mechanisms.

Best 9 Free and Open-Source Accounting Software

This article covers the leading accounting software solutions that have outperformed its competitors in terms of flexibility, features and functionalities, and stability. The here listed accounting software are Skrooge, Akaunting, Apache OFBiz, iDempiere, Openmiracle, GnuCash, LedgerSMB, GNUKhata, and KMyMoney. All the listed software offers seamless and most intuitive and easy-going platforms to manage financial information and details of an organization or a firm. Also, being cross-platform compatible, the software solutions discussed in the article can be used across any platform and by any user operating from any corner of the globe.

Install Ghost CMS on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS - A step by step guide ?

This article covers the installation procedure of Ghost CMS on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. In fact, Ghost is a lightweight, open-source Content Management System (CMS) and blogging platform built with Node.js. It is easy to install and update with Ghost-CLI.

How to Troubleshoot Ghost CMS ?

1. Troubleshoot the system for any potential issues when installing or updating Ghost:

$ ghost doctor

2. Get help about Ghost:

$ ghost --help

Top 5 Free Gantt Chart Software

This article covers the best Gantt chart software solutions such as OpenProject, taskJuggler, GanttProject, dotProject.net, and ProjectLibre. In fact, Gantt charts are user-friendly, simple to use and visually appealing. It serves as an intuitive and time-saving diagramming method. While project tracking and project reporting, you can make use of Gantt chart software that will provide you better visualization and understanding of the project.

Main Gantt Chart Features includes:

  • Clearly designated milestones (easily movable/adjustable).
  • Task dependencies using vertical line markers or another method.
  • Task progress indicators or task health status.
  • Drag-and-drop project items for easy chart building and later adjustments.
  • Collaboration with at least 2 users (and more is preferred).
  • Gantt chart templates so that you don’t have to start each document from scratch.