"Undefined" error in elementor - How to Fix this WordPress error ?

This article covers tips to fix "Undefined" error in elementor for WordPress users. In fact, this is the most common issues faced by Elementor users when trying to import a Custom  saved template or one of the Elementor’s default Templates.

To resolve the issue you need to click on the Sync Library button on the Template Import section.

Once you refresh the Library, try importing the templates again and it should work perfectly fine.

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SolusVM: Cannot Allocate Memory Error – Best fix ?

This article covers the best way to tackle SolusVM: Cannot Allocate Memory Error. In fact, this error happens while booting KVM VPS in SolusVM. This error signifies that there is not enough free memory on the node.

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Amazon EC2 refused to connect error – Fix it now

This article covers methods to resolve "Connection refused" or "Connection timed out" errors  which is noticed when trying to connect to my Amazon EC2 instance using SSH. In fact, this error indicates that the server didn't respond to the client and the client program gave up (timed out).

Common causes for "Connection refused" or "Connection timed out" EC2 AWS errors:

  • The security group or network ACL doesn't allow access.
  • There is a firewall on the instance's operating system.
  • There is a firewall between the client and the server.
  • The host doesn't exist.

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