Shopify error 429 too many requests - Fix it Now ?

Shopify error 429 too many requests generally happens due to API rate limits.
Limits are calculated using the leaky bucket algorithm.

All requests that are made after rate limits have been exceeded are throttled and an HTTP 429 Too Many Requests error is returned.
Requests succeed again after enough requests have emptied out of the bucket.
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Nature of Shopify error 429 too many requests ?

A 429 too many request error generally triggers when an app receives more API calls than it allows.
Shopify uses API rate limit to ensure the stability of the platform. They use it to control the number of requests that any app can make on the platform.
Different types of rate-limiting methods are available, which include calculated query cost, request-based limit and so on.

How to fix Shopify error 429 too many requests ?

As the Shopify error 429 triggers mainly due to the API rate limit, the first step to fix the error would be to find the number of API calls being made to the app.
Also, we may need to figure out if most of them are repeated searches or not.
We can find the number of API calls being made from the app's developer settings.

Once we are aware of the number of API calls and their types, there are two ways to go about solving this problem:

1. Increase the “rate-limit” of the app.

For example, we may need to increase rate-limiting from 100 to 10,000 API calls a day. For this, we may require  to upgrade your account type with the app.

2. Decrease use of the API calls.

For instance, it may be possible that the app is receiving about 8000 requests while the permitted limit is 1000. If 7000 of those request are repetitive, decreasing the API calls would be enough instead of upgrading the app.

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This article covers Shopify error 429 too many requests. Basically, 429 too many requests can trigger due to increased number of API requests.
Calls to the REST Admin API are governed by request-based limits, which means you should consider the total number of API calls your app makes.

In addition, there are resource-based rate limits and throttles.

To avoid rate limit errors in Shopify:

Designing your app with best practices in mind is the best way to avoid throttling errors.
1. Optimize your code to only get the data that your app requires.
2. Use caching for data that your app uses often.
3. Regulate the rate of your requests for smoother distribution.
4. Include code that catches errors. If you ignore these errors and keep trying to make requests, then your app won’t be able to gracefully recover.
5. Use metadata about your app's API usage, included with all API responses, to manage your app’s behavior dynamically.
6. Your code should stop making additional API requests until enough time has passed to retry.

The recommended backoff time is 1 second.