Rsync error code 3 Steps to fix it

Rsync error code 3 happens in the process of making files transfer from one server to another using rsync.

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In this context, we shall look into the main causes of this error and steps to get rid of it.

What triggers Rsync error code 3 ?

Outlined below are some of the reasons why this error occurs;

i. The currently logged in user is present in a non-existent folder.

ii. The destination directory or folder was already deleted.

iii. The rsync command is being executed in an incorrect server.

iv. The user doesn't have proper permission to read and write to the source and destination directories.

v. The SELinux is enabled.

How to fix Rsync error code 3 ?

To resolve this error, apply the following tips;

1. Make sure to change the folder that is existing. Also, alter the rsync paths if they are not absolute.

2. If the destination directory is not present then create one.

3. Ensure that the rsync command is correct with respect to the server in which the command is being executed.

4. Also, ensure that the user has the necessary permissions to read or write to the source and destination directories.

5. Disable the SELinux and then perform the rsync.

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This article will guide you on the steps to resolve #Rsync #error code 3 which occurs while trying to #transfer #files from one server to another via rsync.

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