Getting rid of curl error 61

cURL error 61 usually occurs when there are issues with the gzip stream software which prevents the uncompressed  action of full contents.

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More about cURL error 61

With cURL tool, the transfer of data to and fro a server is possible. Most linux users often experience error while using cURL in downloading data. This in this case, the error message will be like;

cURL error 61: Unrecognized content encoding type. libcurl understands deflate, gzip content encodings.

The factors responsible for this error includes;

When Compression is enabled
The Version of cURL used
When Content is encoded
Incorrect Plugin settings

How to solve cURL error 61

This error occurs as a result of when compression is enabled in the configuration of the server. In Apache or Nginx web server, when compression is enabled in the server configuration, an encoding value "Transfer-Encoding: chunked"  will be added to the response. To fix this issues, it is best to make the request without compression in a process involving using the "–no-compress" flag along the cURL command.

Installing plugins such as cache related ones can enable the compression feature as well which in turns cause errors in the cURL. To resolve this, the gzip compression in the plugin settings must be disabled.

Checking the encoding status of the server will also help to solve this issue.

In other cases, "CURLOPT_ACCEPT_ENCODING" could be set incorrectly. This can be resolved by simply running the libcurl alsong woth the "–with-brotli" option.

Finally upgrading the cURL version might help resolve this issue as using lower and unsupported versions could trigger this error.

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