Yum http error 416 How to fix it

Are you facing yum HTTP error 416?

This guide will help you.

Yum http error 416 sometimes happens in the process of updating, installing, upgrading packages using the yum command.
Here at Ibmi Media, as part of our Server Management Services, we regularly help our Customers to fix Yum related errors.
In this context, we shall look into steps to resolve Yum HTTP error 416.

What triggers yum HTTP error 416 ?

The Web server assumes the HTTP data stream sent by the client contains a ‘Range’ request.
This specified range of bytes is not satisfied which means, the resource being accessed does not cover this byte range.

How to fix yum HTTP error 416 ?

You can apply the following tips to fix this error.

Delta rpm problem

Frequently many customers face the same error due to delta rpm failing.
For that, we access the configuration file /etc/yum.conf and disable deltarpm as below:


Disabling the delta rpm normally fixes the error.

Reinstalling package

Recently one of the customers was facing the problem yum HTTP error 416 while updating packages.
On further analysis, we could trace that while updating a particular package resulted in this error.
i. So, we initially, uninstalled the package that caused the error using yum.
ii. Thereafter, we ran the update command again:

yum update

iii. Thus, the update error got resolved.
After that, we separately installed the uninstalled package again.

Clear caching

In addition, sometimes the installation/update may have failed with the same error, due to metadata caching issues.
Here, in such cases, we help the users to clean the cache by running the following command:

yum clean all

Or else we also clear the metadata caching issue by editing /etc/yum.conf and adding the following code:


Thereafter, we retry the installation/update operation and the error resolves.

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This article will guide you on steps to fix #yum #HTTP #error 416 which occurs while updating, installing, upgrading packages. This is rectified easily via disabling the delta #rpm problem, reinstalling a #package, clear #caching and so on.
To fix this error:
1. yum clean all
2. yum upgrade --exclude=polkit*
3. reboot
4. yum clean all
5. yum upgrade

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