DNN reset host password in database

Are you have trouble in resetting host password in the database?

This guide is for you.

Generally, resetting the host password in DNN appears to be a tedious process. Here’s how you can perform it quickly.

Here at Ibmi Media, as part of our Server Management Services, we regularly help our Customers to perform DNN related queries.

More information about DNN Websites ?

Basically, the Content Management System a.k.a CMS helps us to control and manage the content within our web site.

Similarly, DNN aka DotNetNuke is a simple and user-friendly CMS with exceptional security. In addition, it has features like page caching and module caching making it more preferable.

However, resetting the host password appears to be a tedious process. Moving ahead, let’s have a look into the process.

How we perform DNN reset host password in the database ?

Recently, one of our customers contacted us to help him reset the password. 

Given below are the steps to do it.

1. Initially, we take the backup of the database before the reset operation.

2. Next, we register a new user through the website and save the password.

3. Then, we use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to connect to the DNN database.

4. After choosing the database, we select the table Users.

5. Then, using the aspnet_users table, we will be able to see all DNN usernames and userIDs.

6. Now, we choose the host entry and the new DNN user entry from the table.

7. We copy and save the Password and Password Salt entries of the new user. We use the select command for this purpose.

8. After that, we replace the password and password Salt entries of the New User with the password and password Salt entries of the Host.

9. Here, we use the UPDATE statement to update the existing records in a table.

10. So, after performing these steps, we remove the New User.

11. And, finally the password we have initially set for the New User will be the new password for the Host.

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This article will guide you on how to perform DNN reset host passwords in the database easily. 

Forgot DNN host password? 

1. DNN host account is the superuser or administrator of DotNetNuke websites. 

2. If you lost host or admin password for DNN site, you do not need to create a new DNN site again unless it is new installation. 

3. By the way, it is easy to create a new one if not yet. 

4. Do not miss out this guide to set up DNN website. 

5. DNN site has the password retrieval system which can help you recover password for non-superuser accounts.