Roundcube empty startup greeting

Are you facing the error 'Roundcube empty startup greeting' while using Roundcube?

This guide will help you.

Basically Roundcube empty startup greeting happens when the SSL is not configured properly. 

Also, it may occur due to network or firewall problem as well.

Here at Ibmi Media, as part of our Server Management Services, we regularly help our Customers to troubleshoot Roundcube related errors.

In this context, we shall look into method to fix this Roundcube error.

What triggers Roundcube empty startup greeting error ?

There are different factors behind this error. Here, We will look at the important ones.

1. SSL configuration

Generally, many customers enable SSL on the website and also wish to use a secure connection while accessing the emails as well.

They do configure the email server with SSL settings. 

But unfortunately, the configuration will have some sort of error due to which the emails don’t work.

2. Firewall

This is one of the common causes of many problems to erupt. If there is any firewall setup on the server then there may be chances that it is blocking the email server access and simply throw an error.

So, for testing purpose, we can disable the firewall and test if the emails are working well.

3. Network problem

Network also plays an important role in the working of emails.

If there is an error in the network then the emails will end up with errors. 

So it is best to check the network to be working well.

How to fix Roundcube empty startup greeting?

Recently, one of our customers contacted us with the below error message:

IMAP Error in /usr/share/roundcubemail/program/lib/Roundcube/rcube_imap.php (196): Login failed for from {ip_addr}. Empty startup greeting (

To resolve this, we had to update the below in the file:

$config['default_host'] = 'tls://';


$config['default_host'] = 'ssl://';

Finally, this fixed the error.

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This article will guide you on methods to resolve #Roundcube empty startup greeting error which occurs due to many reasons which include improper configuration of SSL, network #problem, firewall #error and so on.

Roundcube is a webmail client with strong security features and extensive customization options from its plugin repository.

It is important to set Roundcube config file as follows:

$config['default_host'] = 'imaps://domain.tld';

// TCP port used for IMAP connections

$config['default_port'] = 993;

To fix cPanel Roundcube Webmail "An error occurred":

This error indicates a potentially corrupt index file. 

1. establish an SSH session with the server and navigate to:

/home/<username>/mail/<domain name>/<email account name>/

2. Find dovecot.index and rename it to dovecot.index.bak.

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