OnApp Cloud

OnApp Cloud is a breeze for Hosting Providers.

It is the software to manage cloud servers and virtual servers.

Here at Ibmi Media, as part of our Server Management Services, we regularly help our Customers to perform OnApp Cloud management.

In this context, we shall look into OnApp Cloud.

What is OnApp Cloud ?

Cloud servers and virtual servers roots in the virtualization technique.

Basically, virtualization is the partitioning of a physical server into smaller virtual servers.

But how to manage these virtual servers?

There are control panels with GUI. One such software is OnApp.

For managing cloud servers there is a specific OnApp Cloud software. 

OnApp basic features include:

1. Deploying virtual machines

2. Virtual Server management

3. Dynamically allocating resources

4. Deploying services.

So it offers flexible control over the cloud environment. For instance, managing server clusters. 

Hence helps to make the best use of hardware.

OnApp Dashboard

Logging into the OnApp software opens up a dashboard. 

The dashboard features include:

1. Statistics: The default view showing the memory, CPU usage, storage, etc.

2. Cloud: It gives entire details of the cloud, like the number of VS,  disk space, hypervisors, and so on. The details will be specific for both normal users and administrators.

3. Account: Gives the details of the account. In the case of administrators, whole information of the cloud is available here.

4. Activity log: Users can see their recent activities on the virtual server here. On the other hand, the administrators get recent activities of the entire cloud.

It also allows creating a new virtual server with a single click. 

The CREATE SERVER option serves this purpose. It also provides a global search across the server too.

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This article will guide you on OnApp cloud. You will also learn about its dashboard and features. 

OnApp Enterprise is a complete on-premises cloud solution for SMBs and enterprises. 

It makes private and hybrid cloud easier to manage and easier to scale. 

OnApp clouds can be created on almost any commodity x64 infrastructure, and across heterogeneous compute and storage hardware.

The features of OnApp cloud comprise of:

1. Public, private & hybrid cloud, plus VPS

2. Xen, KVM & VMware, plus Amazon EC2

3. Storage, backup and disaster recovery

4. Smart servers & bare metal servers

5. Global cloud & CDN through OnApp federation

6. CPU, disk, IOPS,RAM, servers, networks & more

OnApp is used:

i. By Telcos, MSPs and other service providers to create, manage and sell their own IaaS cloud products - either using their own datacenter infrastructure, third party infrastructure or hyperscale infrastructure.

ii. OnApp is used by hosts, telcos, MSPs, CDN vendors and other service providers to sell public/private/hybrid cloud services; and by enterprises for on-premise private & hybrid public/private cloud.

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