How to set up phpBB Forum on a website through cPanel

Are you trying to install phpBB Forum on a website through cPanel?

This guide is for you.

phpBB is the best open source software application for creating powerful and customizable forums on any website. The script is has a helpful community that offers extensive support for phpBB users.

phpBB is an acronym for PHP Bulletin Board. 

Most of our customers use phpBBo to stay in touch with a group of people. In addition, it can power an entire website.

Here at Ibmi Media, as part of our Server Management Services, we regularly help our Customers to perform cPanel related queries.

In this context, we shall look into how to implement phpBB Forum on a website through cPanel.

Main features of PhpBB includes:

1. Support for multiple database engines like PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL, Oracle, 2. Microsoft SQL Server

3. Flat message structure

4. User groups

5. Topic split/merge/lock

6. Hierarchical subforums

7. Multiple attachments per post

8. Full-text search, plugins, and various notification options.

Unlike an e-mail list or newsgroup, the phpBB creates a forum on our website that allows users to post questions and receive replies, all from their web browser.

Once a forum has been created, we can modify it extensively, from adding new sub-forums to changing the visual appearance of the board.

Steps to set up phpBB Forum on a website through cPanel ?

We can easily install the open-source script, phpBB on most web servers through cPanel.

In order to begin, ensure that you have the following:

a. A domain name.

b. A web hosting account with cPanel, PHP, and MySQL support.

c. cPanel username and password.

1. Install phpBB forum from cPanel

The installation of the phpBB requires a MySQL database. If our package does not have access to the database or if we need an additional database, we need to contact the hosting provider.

To install PHPBB forum from cPanel, login to cPanel and follow the steps given below:

i. Initially, click Softaculous (Under Software/Services).

ii. Scroll down to Forums on the left side. Find the phpBB link and click on it.

iii. Then Click, Install.

iv. Fill out all of the boxes. For In Directory type the name of a new directory that we want to create. By default, the box will be left blank to install the software into our main directory. Once done, click Install.

v. We will then get a confirmation page of our installation.

2. Tools to modify phpBB

i. MODs

MODs are code modifications created by the phpBB community, often used to extend the functionality or change the display of phpBB.

ii. MODX

MODX is an XML-based document format developed by the phpBB MOD Team to describe the steps required to modify the source code of a web application in order to install a modification. It is primarily used by MODs for phpBB.

iii. AutoMOD

AutoMOD is a tool by the phpBB MOD Team that parses and automatically installs phpBB3 MODs distributed in the MODX format. Users simply have to upload the contents of a MOD download to their phpBB source directory and run AutoMOD, which will parse the MOD instructions and make the necessary file changes.

AutoMOD is the successor to EasyMOD, a tool for phpBB2 which was also developed by the phpBB MOD Team and performed essentially the same task.

How to resolve some common errors in the process of setting up phpBB Forum on a website through cPanel ?

1. Fatal error

Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: sql_db in /home/userxx/public_html/folderxx/includes/db.php on line 60

One of our customers came across this error while accessing the forum using domainname/folder_path.

If the file db.php in /includes folder does not upload properly, it is zero size. This causes this error.

In order to solve this, we upload db.php file once again or upload all the files in /includes/ folder.

2. phpBB Critical Error

phpBB : Critical Error
Could not obtain lastvisit data from user table

An issue with the user table can cause this error

In order to solve this, we repair the table phpbb_users:

use phpMyAdmin for that or
in php
$sql = “REPAIR TABLE phpbb_users”

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This article covers phpBB which is a completely free open-source Forum Software. It has lots of features while maintaining efficiency and ease of use. 

#phpBB, which is an abbreviation for PHP Bulletin Board, is one of the best free and open-source forum scripts for creating a forum. 

There are two ways to install phpBB on a website:

1. You can #install phpBB manually

2. Install phpBB via #cPanel Softaculous Apps Installer

To create a forum in phpBB:

1. Click Forums.

2. Enter the name of the new forum here.

3. Click Create new forum.

4. Enter a description for the new forum here.

5. Click Submit. 

That's it! The forum has been successfully created.

To Create a phpBB Forum:

1. Download and Install phpBB. The first thing you'll need to do is download the phpBB software.

2. Register Your phpBB Forum Administrator Account.

3. Set Up Your phpBB Forum.

4. Start Creating Content.

phpBB’s best features that you can use to help launch your first online forum:

1. Responsive design — supports the latest version of HTML5 and CSS3, thus providing you with a responsive and cross-browser compatible design.

2. Search engine crawler handling — comes with configurations and access control for over 100 crawlers for board optimization.

3. Unread message tracking — notifies users whether or not they have seen new published posts and topics.

4. Private message system — allows users to send direct messages to each other via the forum.

5. COPPA registration — prevents underage users from registering to the forum.

6. OAuth login — allows users to register using Google, Bit.ly, or Facebook accounts.

7. Data management — supports various popular database management tools like MySQL, Oracle Database, and SQLite.

Reasons why you should consider creating an online forum:

1. Encourage discussion and feedback — users can use the available space to exchange ideas and give you insights into the quality of your content for further improvement.

2. Support audience research — lets you observe visitor preferences and browsing habits in a closed environment.

3. Build a community — having great communication and sharing similar interests with other people will give your users a sense of belonging to a community.