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AWS MySQL error 1419 - Fix it Now ?

This article covers methods to resolve AWS MySQL error 1419. When automated backup is enabled for a MySQL DB instance, it also enables binary logging.

You might receive the following error message when creating a trigger: "ERROR 1419 (HY000): You do not have the SUPER privilege and binary logging is enabled (you might want to use the less safe log_bin_trust_function_creators variable)".

AWS MySQL error 10060 – Can't connect to MySQL server ?

This article covers methods to resolve AWS MySQL error 10060. This error is a result of the inbound connection rule set on your DB instance.

For each RDS database instance we create, there are Inbound & Outbound connection-security groups.

In AWS RDS console, under 'Databases', click on the 'DB Identifier' of your RDS instance. Then in the 'Security group rules' section, click on 'Inbound' type security group and edit the inbound rule to allow appropriate inbound connections.

You get 3 options here, under 'source' column:

  • Custom.
  • Anywhere (Allows connections from any IP. Not recommended for production.).
  • My IP (Automatically detects your machine's IP).

sec_error_ocsp_try_server_later in cPanel - Fix it Now ?

This article covers methods to resolve cPanel: Firefox users see "sec_error_ocsp_try_server_later". 

To fix this cPanel error:

  • Log in to your server's WHM interface as root or a priveledged user.
  • Go to Service Configuration, then Apache Configuration.
  • Choose Include Editor, then from the drop down for Pre Main Include select All Versions.

Once you see the text editor for the include file of All Versions, there may already be some configuration lines in there. If there are, simply scroll to the bottom of the window, then paste in the following:

SSLUseStapling on
SSLStaplingCache shmcb:/tmp/stapling_cache(32768)

Autossl 403 (Forbidden) error – Fix it Now ?

This article covers AutoSSL not working on cPanel / WHM.

To fix it, just try to assign 755 permissions and the correct owner to your public_html directory:

$ chmod 755 /home/user/public_html -v
$ chown user.user /home/user/public_html/ -R

Make sure you change user.user with your real cPanel user for that website.

Troubleshoot kubernetes error with linode – Fix it Now ?

This article covers how to troubleshoot Kubernetes error with linode.

  • To troubleshoot issues with the applications running on your cluster, you can rely on the kubectl command to gather debugging information. kubectl includes a set of subcommands that can be used to research issues with your cluster.
  • To troubleshoot issues with your cluster, you may need to directly view the logs that are generated by Kubernetes' components.

SolusVM error "Connection Failed Debug Data: ERROR:4" - Fix it Now ?

This article covers method to resolve SolusVM error "Connection Failed Debug Data: ERROR:4".