Migrate solusvm to proxmox – easy steps to implement this task ?

Migrating kvm from Solusvm to proxmox is a easy to implement.

Here at Ibmi Media, as part of our Server Management Services, we regularly help our Customers to perform related Promox queries.

In this context, we shall look into how to migrate kvm from Solusvm to proxmox.

How to migrate solusvm to proxmox?

To begin with this Installation procedure, start by converting KVM RAW Format & Migrate Proxmox VM.

To convert KVM RAW format to the SolusVM LVM and migrate the Proxmox VM into SolusVM:

1. Firstly, shut down the respective Proxmox VM.

2. As an additional precaution, make a copy of the Proxmox VM (cp will do).

3. If the Proxmox VM is not in a raw format, you need to convert it using qemu-img:

qemu-img convert PROXMOX_VM_FILE -O raw OUTPUT_FILE

Proxmox usually stores the image files under /var/lib/vz/images/ID.

4. Create a KVM VM with no OS on the Solus node with a disk size at least as large as the raw file of the Proxmox VM (and possibly adjust settings such as the driver, PAE, etc.), and keep it shut down.

5. In the config file (usually under /home/kvm/kvmID) of the newly created Solus VM, check the following line and make a note.

<source file=’/dev/VG_NAME/kvmID_img’/>

6. Then, add the Proxmox raw image over to the Solus node:

dd if=PROXMOX_VM.raw | ssh [options] user@solus_node 'dd of=/dev/VG_NAME/kvmID_img'

7. Finally, boot the new Solus KVM VM.

How to resolve common issues when you migrate solusvm to proxmox ?

1. Size of the VM

We have often noticed issues with the migration due to issues with the size of Proxmox VM.

There could small difference between the size of the image and the size of the proxmox VM required.

If we go with the exact size of the image, it can trigger errors during migration.

Thus it would be always better to use a VM slightly greater than the size of the VM.

2. Booting from Hard Disk

VMs are online and when we do a Rsync to the other server and start them up you get "Booting from Hard Disk" error on proxmox after create duplicate KVM VM.

We can fix this by stopping VM before we do rsync.

i. To stop the VM from CLI we log in to the host node.

ii. Then, find the VMID using the below command:

$ cat /etc/pve/.vmlist

iii. Once we get the ID we use the below command to stop the virtual machine.

$ qm stop <vmid>

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This article covers how to Migrate solusvm to proxmox.

To Migrate KVM VM's from SolusVM to Promox:

  • Take LVM snapshot of currently running SolusVM KVM CentOS7 instance.
  • dd the snapshot and copy it to the Proxmox Hypverisor.
  • Create a new KVM on the Proxmox server with LVM disks the same size as the source.
  • dd the raw snapshot image to the LVM device ie vm-VMID-disk-0.
  • Boot the new VM with CentOS 7 rescue CD and fix device names, update initramfs, etc and reboot.