An Operating System Wasnt Found when booting Windows

This article will help to solve An Operating System Wasn't Found when booting Windows which happens when there is no operating system boot loader found on the current disk.

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Rsync error protocol incompatibility

This article will help to solve "rsync error protocol incompatibility" which is usually triggered in the process of transferring data using rsync to a remote server which has a ".bashrc" file.

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Cannot resolve host address Openvpn

This article will help to fix OpenVPN error "cannot resolve host address" which generally happens when there is a firewall restriction or as a result of configuration errors in the OpenVPN client.

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PHP-FPM performance tuning for high traffic website

This article will help to solve high load issue due to PHP-FPM service in order to boost web server performance.

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550 SPF check failed email error

This article will guide you on how to fix "550 SPF check failed" email error which occurs due to anti-spam checks at recipient mail server.

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How to resolve apache not listening on port 443

This guide will help you to solve Apache not listening on port 443 which occurs as a result of Incorrect configuration settings, firewall restrictions and other factors.

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