Directadmin ioncube How to install and fix related errors

ionCube is an engine extension that also adds PHP functions for its API and also to support ionCube24, though used also to be installable as a module extension using dl().

ini file is used to add an extension to PHP, with PHP making use of OS functions to dynamically link the library into the running process.

Incorrect timezone and misconfiguration in the php.ini file cause errors after installing the Ioncube loader in DirectAdmin.

Here at Ibmi Media, as part of our Server management Services, we regularly help our Customers to fix Ioncube errors.

In this context, we shall look into steps to set up Ioncube loader and fix errors in Directadmin.

How can install Ioncube loader on DirectAdmin?

IonCube encoding method is used to secure the PHP files. It helps to encrypt PHP files and read encrypt PHP files.

However, to decode the encrypted PHP files, ionCube loaders should install on the server as an additional requirement.

Then, we install ionCube Loader on the webserver and made it available to PHP. Also, we simply add one line to a PHP configuration file (php.ini) to use this ionCube Loader.

Again, installing of Ioncube loader in DirectAdmin is very easy. 

Here, let's see how our Support Experts install Ioncube loader in DirectAdmin.

1. Initially, we login into the DirectAdmin server as a root user.

2. Then we switch to custombuild directory.

cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild

3. After that, we run the following script to install the Ioncube.

./build set ioncube yes
./build ioncube

4. At last, we restart the Apache service to save the changes.

/etc/init.d/httpd restart

That's it. this is how we install Ioncube loaders.

How to fix common Ioncube errors?

1. Incorrect timezone

Recently, many of our customers set up Roundcube on their server. 

However. the customers receive the following error when running ./build roundcube:

Failed loading /usr/local/lib/ioncube_loader_lin_5.3.so: /usr/local/lib/ioncube.

This error occurs when the server timezone is set up incorrectly. 

Then, our Support Experts fix this error changing the date.timezone according to the customer server set up.

2. Misconfiguration in php.ini file

Similarly. customers may get a problem after installing Ioncube on the server. It didn't work on the server as we expect and will show an error "ionCube loader not installed".

The misconfiguration in php.ini is another reason for the above error.  

For example, if the following line is missing from the php.ini file results the error "ionCube loader not installed":

zend_extension = /usr/local/ioncube/ioncube_loader_lin_5.2.so

So, adding the above line in php.ini fixes the error.

So, our Support Experts troubleshoot and fixes any misconfiguration in php.ini.

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This article will guide you on how to set up the Ioncube loader and fix DirectAdmin Ioncube #errors. Incorrect timezone and misconfiguration in the php.ini file cause errors after installing the Ioncube loader in #DirectAdmin.

ionCube and Zend are fine for code protection, and even if some decompilation service produced usable code from an encoded file, this would typically do little if anything to diminish the benefits from encoding and license enforcement, and may even result in increased revenue in the longer term for the software.

To use ionCube #PHP encoder?

To use this PHP function to output the required data complete the following steps:

1. Connect to your server via #SSH.

2. Create a PHP file.

3. Add the phpinfo() function.

4. Save the file inside the root website folder.

5. Display in a browser.

6. Search the document for ionCube references.

7. Delete the file when done.

To enable Ioncube #loader in #cPanel:

1. Login to #WHM (root)

2. Go to Server Configuration -> Tweak Settings -> PHP.

3. Select #ioncube check box for cPanel PHP loader.

4. Click on Save button.

That's it. 

This will enable Ioncube for you in 3rd party PHP binary.