Invalid cPanel License Error - Ways to fix it ?

Sometimes cPanel users encounter issues when trying to log into their WHM Control panel.

Are you trying to resolve an Invalid cPanel License Error ? We can help you.

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In this context, we shall look into ways to resolve this WHM license error.

Nature of Invalid cPanel License Error

We may come across an error message that says "Invalid cPanel License" though the IP is licensed.

This can be caused by:

  • cPanel license expiration.
  • Change in the IP of the server.
  • License not updated.

How to Check cPanel License ?

First and foremost, to fix this error, we need to ensure that we have an active cPanel license for the server IP.

To do so, to check the status of the cPanel license, we can use cPanel's official license verification tool.

We copy and paste the server's IP address and click Verify License. This will lead us to a screen with the status.

Methods to fix Invalid cPanel License Error ?

Once the cPanel license status is active, we can use the commands below to fix the license error.

In addition, if there is a trial period in effect on the server, we have to wait until the next day as the script automatically runs at night.

1. Login to the server with root user with either Secure shell client (SSH) or Putty or utilize `WHM | https://YourServerIP:2087 -> Terminal`

2. Then we run the following as root on the server:

/usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt --force

3. Once done, the output will show that the license status has been updated.

This should solve the error and let us be able to log in to WHM and navigate through it.

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This article covers the best way to tackle cPanel license error. In fact, this provides the fix should you log in to your WHM/cPanel and find a 'trial license' message or find yourself unable to log in due to an invalid or expired license.