Advantages of using our Server Management Services

Need to know the advantages of using our Server Management Services?

This guide is for you.

Proper server management can enhance the user experience, minimize service hiccups, and make service more reliable.

On the other hand, a buggy server will always be a nightmare for server owners.

Here at Ibmi Media, as part of our Server Management Services, we regularly help our customers to manage their servers.

Today, in this write-up we will see the benefits of proper server management.

What does Server Management Involves?

Before digging deeper, let’s get an idea about server management as such.

A server management service ensures that all services function optimally on a server. It monitors all the services 24×7 and responds to any problem instantly. Additionally, it takes care of the timely updates on the server, prevents service failures, does periodic backups, etc.

Thus, on the whole, it gives room to solve problems before the end-user notices it.

What are the merits of server management services?

That raises the question, Is it really worth investing in server management services?

The answer is Yes.

Let us now check the top 7 benefits provided by server management services in detail.

1. Instant Human response to alerts

One of the merits of server management is that a real human responds to the alerts.

These days, there are automated ways of monitoring services. However, in automated monitoring, it alerts about a service failure. Also, rechecks the problem after a specified time.

But it cannot correct on its own.

Here, only a human can act upon quickly and resolve the problem. That’s how our Support Engineers get to know about any problem user, malicious files, etc.

2. No limit 24×7 monitoring

Yet another important benefit of using a server management service is 24×7 monitoring.

There is always a limit to the time a server owner can spend on server management or monitoring. For instance, if a service failure happens at midnight it requires hands-on intervention to restore services.

Such repeated instances can even affect your sleep and ultimately your work-life balance.

There comes the advantage of outsourcing server management. As part of our server management plan, we immediately take up on your server alerts and fix it in no time. Thus, servers or services do not become a person dependent.

3. Regular server and security updates

All server owners know that server management is a recurring task. When having a server it periodically calls for software updates or security updates.

To prevent server exploits, it is always necessary to update server software. This also applies to security patches on the server. Most of the time, software vendors release security updates all of a sudden. This happens when finding any new vulnerability. Therefore, it is critical to install interim updates to avoid further exploitation. Also, it is time-bound. We cannot wait and leave the exploit open.

Moreover, server owners may not know about all the recent changes in server software. But, that’s not the case with server management. A server management team will always be updated about the latest updates and security exploits. As a result, they can fix servers even before the server owner notices it.

4. Initial server hardening

Do you know that the basic step of a robust server is the initial server hardening?

Just as the saying “Well begun is half done”, there is a big role in the initial server setup. When the server is new, our Support Experts tweak all the services as per the best security practices.

This includes configuring all the basic services like mail, web server, database services, etc. We suggest customers have a proper firewall in place. This quickly prevents unauthorized access.

Similarly, for mail services, we set up the best spam control techniques. That avoids many customer complaints in the future.

5. Periodic Backup check – A merit of server management services

A well-managed server always has enough backups. These backups help to restore files in case of accidental deletes. However, it is necessary to ensure the backups are working properly. Likewise, we make sure that the scripts copy the backup to remote servers correctly.

Thus, it helps when a user requests a file restore. Most users appreciate when hosts help them to overcome such unforeseen situations. And, it ends up in creating customer delight too.

6. Regular server audit

A regular server audit also helps in effective server management. This server audit ensures that all aspects of the server function correctly. This is like using a checklist to oversee all the activities on the server.

Usually, this includes proactive server scanning for vulnerable files, packages that require updates, etc.

7. Maintaining custom setup

Likewise, server management service also comes handy when there is a custom set up on the server. This can be a load balancer arrangement, proxy services, DNS or database cluster, etc.

When the server has such complex arrangements, all servers should be in sync. Then only the set up will function correctly. If any machine fails, it loses the entire purpose. That’s why our Server Experts  always add necessary monitoring for these systems.

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Ibmi Media Server administrators will help you install, configure, and maintain various types of hardware and software, which often involves creating user accounts, carrying out backup and recovery functions, and monitoring the performance of servers at all times. Our Support Experts will take care of configuring, managing, and implementing operating systems.